Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 11 and a day late

This is day 11's painting and I finished it on day 11 but I am taking on too much. Yesterday I said yes to visiting with a friend and having a nice dinner and conversation and by the time I got home to take photos and post I was so tired I fell asleep and when I woke up it was well after midnight so I decided to give myself a break and post it today. The light sure is better during the day so this photo looks ten times better than it did last night. it is.. and yes I am planning to post again today so I'll have day 12 done shortly.

I am realizing yet again that I have to stop thinking and trying so hard. Sometimes I have found that when I want to create perfection I just try or want so hard that I over think what I need or want to paint. I get in my own way. I like this much better than all the other attempts I made with this panel of masonite. I have to say that I find posting these pieces less exciting because not everyone likes abstract. I haven't gotten the resounding support for these as I have the faces. So i'm less inclined to even share them on social media. But I'm going to keep pressing on and see where it goes. I am determined to keep going. I does and will influence other work. My sewing and stitching. Still mean to post some of those images too. Tonight I will be doing a demo at a local art group.. first time I've ever done that. I'm going to try not to over think it .. haha ..

If you would love to own this piece contact me at It's about 11 x 14 .. have a fabulous day. :) more posting later.

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  1. I know what you mean about getting in your own way - I do the very same thing. I'm sorry the support isn't there for you with these paintings. I'm enjoying them on a different level from the ones you did before. I am not well versed with abstract art so I am sort of challenging myself to see what I feel/see in your paintings. It's a learning experience for me too! I love the colours in this one and definitely 'see' a water aspect to it...perhaps a piece of wreckage covered with algae on the ocean floor.