Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 48 and still going

Day 48..

oh dear .. i may be getting a bit bored .. aaaacckkk!!! I'm not sure what it means .. but I do still love to paint faces. There is a thing I think with artists, that you paint something until you are done with it. I have over fifty days to go yet till I am done painting faces. I may have to mix it up a bit.

I have some ideas in the works, in fact that is often my downfall. I have too many ideas. I don't know if they are going to be successful or not but that doesn't really matter. The best part is that I just keep going on . ..I'm committed and the daily practice has proved beneficial to me in so many ways. I had a wonderfully validating experience with showing several of my completed faces to someone in person. That .. did a lot for my confidence. I think even stacking up the paintings and seeing them all there in a stands for many hours of creativity. Lots of writing even.

I have found that my contact with Josephine is really having a huge impact on me. So far away and yet we can email and have immediate communication. I find it amazing and she tells me her hopes for the children and I have asked her to send me photos of the children drawing faces. She said that she is amazed that they seem to want to do this. I LOVE THAT >>>> I love that they are now asking their friends to sit still so they can do a portrait. The thing about children that is amazingly wonderful is their way of seeing what they see. There eyes are fresh and unafraid .. there are no mistakes. There are no mistakes. Your hope and desire or passion about your attempts to draw are seen in the work. I believe that. So .. i hope to share some of the children's drawings with you in the days to come. This part of what I'm doing .. makes me feel truly inspired .. filled with gratitude. I want for the children to have what ever the children need. So I will urge you yet again to go to and make a donation.
To the children .. i love your drawings .. keep drawing, keep going. You have my heart!!!

If you would like to purchase today's portrait a portion of the sale of this face will go to I am also committed to doing that here on out. Email me at This is painted on papers that my mother saved in a lifetime of collecting and i have put them together with a sewing machine and painted on them. This face is approximately 8 x 10.  See you tomorrow.!!!


  1. Day 48....two more and you are half way there...wherever 'there' is in the grand scheme of things. Did you ever think, at the beginning, that you would get this far? Did you think that you would be able to stick to the commitment? I know myself well enough to be pretty certain that I would never be able to always find the time in my day to do anything like this. I allow life to get in my way too much.

    1. I knew that I would do all of them .. I didn't think there would be any way that I could start and not complete each and every portrait. IT is really why I made this very public commitment, to make sure I would HAVE to complete it. I have found it more challenging on the days that I am very busy. But I try to do it first thing and on days like today .. i don't stress but I promise myself I will finish it .. I have so far!!! Not sure what would happen if there was an emergency or anything like that.. I hope I don't have to find out!