Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Two Thousand Eleven

Well today is the first Tuesday of the year. I am going to try not to SHould on myself for not having blogged more at the end of the year but .. I wish I had .. hopefully this year will be more productive and always at the beginning of the year is hope. So heres hoping for the future.

Once upon a time a dear friend told me to never dismiss what people come into your life where ever and however and what they bring to you. Not physical things but words. Things that they say to you that may or may not have meaning. Sometimes I imagine some great orchestrator in the sky who is the great puppet master... and not that I think all people are like puppets but you never know. Anyway .. i imagine him trying to perhaps communicate to me through people with out directly telling me with his own words and so those people are the clerks, friends, strangers and that I happen to interact with from day to day. I don't always listen.

One such person that seemed to tell me things about my craft/art/creativity saw my purse (one that I've decorated and painted on) at a holiday party. I was in the kitchen chatting with people when I noticed this woman carrying my purse around asking people, "Is this your purse?" and i was kind of surprised and so I said .. "It's Mine!" and laughed. She proceeded to shower me with lovely affirming comments and then later as we talked and I told her about my situation she said .. what do yo love to do most? She said .. focus on that and gave me some other suggestions. I would like to make art for a living. Also on this same line of thinking I was reading a book and read a passage that sometimes the fear of success could be fear that the success will not be as grand as one has imagined. I'm not sure if I have the problem but clearly I have avoided posting my work in a place where people can purchase things that I create. Normally, I would say that I don't really create to sell but rather to satisfy some internal need to process the life that happens around me. It gives me great satisfaction to just find that I have skills to reproduce images or to create a mood and or sense of some emotion in some work that I have created. TO tell about what moves me or hurts or share my pain or my joy with the images. To create a connection to others in a visual way. I have mentioned before that I have found lots of satisfaction in giving away my art too. So... some of these gifts are what I give to family and friends for holidays, and birthdays.  I finished painting a wolf on a purse for a friend that requested it. I was so pleased that it turned out as good as I thought it did. It gave me great satisfaction. And she loved it. That was the best part. Here below is a picture of her gift. She wanted a wolf on a purse. I added the trees to cover some of the leathers indiscretions.

This is a leather purse.

Here is a photo of the back side.
This then is a blessing to me as much as it is to her.

Also here are some photos taken around my house. They involve the weather that we've had here lately. Much of this and the holidays has kept me away. It is my intention to be more attentive to the blog and my creativity and trying to make a living being an artist. Seems like a daunting task.


  1. The wolf purse really came out beautifully. I like your puppet analogy, it's a funny way to look at things. I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    (happy new year)
    That purse is SO beautiful! You really did a great job there !! I think your friend will have been over the moon when she got it and rightly so.
    Keep on the good mood, girl, you will get there I'm sure of it!

  3. Beautiful purse Tammy. It is a daunting task, but your work is beautiful...keep at it, everything will fall into place...

  4. Thank you Tracy, Els and Suzanna for the kind words. Yes my friend loves her purse and that is just so wonderful. I am going to just keep moving forward. One day at a time. :)