Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Moody Madness

A fabric sunset of color and stripes. I love creating this kind of imagery.

Today it's raining and while I am very excited that the rain is adding to the earth to elicit growth I am stuck inside. My wrapped experiment will finally show some changes due to this volume of rain and I have another kind of wrapped experiment going on outside. I'm thinking I'll go out and unwrap it while there is still the expectation of more rain and let it work it's magic on the cloth.

Perhaps I'll use this time constructively. We'll see.
More wrapping experiments.  I'll show that evolution. here. Below is an old sheet faded yellow that I was discarding for whatever reason. I decided it would be a good candidate for something else. So I wrapped it around a part enamel part iron grate that was on an old oil heater. It's heavy and a good solid piece for wrapping. Then I stained it with some walnut stain and wrapped it in some laminate film and left it for a day. Perhaps I should try these and wrap and leave for a days or weeks. I might have much more dramatic results and it will be a lesson in patience.

I always love the discovery of what naturally occurs .. I love the discovery of what design is sort of haphazardly created and so the unwrapping is always something I look forward too. The photo of this cloth looks so much MORE interesting in person then how it appears in the photos. I'm still deciding how to proceed with this cloth now that I have it dried. No matter what .. I'm still grateful to have a visible record of my efforts. Over time perhaps there will be an evolution to the work.


  1. Hey Dreamer - this is amazing. Hard to imagine that it was an old sheet a few days ago! I really enjoy your photos of works in progress, and also the beautiful background of trees where you live.


  2. that last photo is much depth and movement. love seeing all your experiments.

  3. Thanks Gilly,

    I do love where I live and enjoy using the outdoors for my studio. Sadly the weather is changing and the days are going to be cooler. Its always cold in my house. No real adequate heating.
    Deanna thanks ... i love doing them. More to come soon!!!