Monday, September 6, 2010

Day of Loving Labor

This is a black cotton shrug that I have discharge dyed. 
I love how this turned out!

There are three different pieces that I have just set on the rusted stitched fabric from above
These are each done with similar fabrics to give some contrast and visual interest.

In this sample I have placed a rust dyed fabric remnant on top of a discharged 
black fabric. Then on top of the rust dying there is a printed fabric and another 
rust dyed circle. All stitched together with a rust colored embroidery floss. 
French knots in the center. While this took a bit of time to sew along with the 
other samples I am posting I have found this quite addictive and soothing to do. 
I can see why so many people do this.

 I have been doing alot of discharge dying today and hope to do more tomorrow. 


  1. Hi Dreamer - haha yes it is addictive. therapeutic, cathartic, and so creative. This is great. Just great. I really enjoy discharge process as well. I saw a drawing the other day done by a girl who draws, erases, draws, erases. It was ghostly and wonderful. Gilly

  2. hi Dreamer, if you want to join the wraptrees blog then you'll have to send me your email address so i can send you an invitation to post up onto it. Either that or simply post a pic on your own blog and send me the link to it.
    Are you an Aussie with that post title? cheers, k.

  3. enjoyed looking at your blog. love that last photo with the fabric that looks rust dyed with the blue strip at the bottom. glad you joined the wrapt tree project.

  4. Gilly, Thanks I am doing so many discharged shirts it's always interesting when I make large quantities of something that the envelope gets pushed and I always always seem to learn something new. I hope I can take the time to take some photos of what I've done.

  5. Well I like it when I see blogs where you can comment on someones comment haha .. guess you can't do that here. So I just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by Kaite and happy to be a part of the wraptrees blog and Deanna7trees: Thanks!! I like doing the rust dyed fabrics. ANd that last photo is something in process. I will keep posting my progress.