Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun

I love the way that coffee and grounds stain paper. I love the unpredictable nature of the way that it dries and it lends itself well as a wonderful drawing and painting surface.
This is sitting outside in my carport/studio area this item that my drawing is leaning on is an old couch base that I found on the property. It was so wonderfully rusted and because I spied it early in spring all the vines and earth that were around it had not hidden it for another summer. It took a good bit of digging and was extremely heavy. I had to roll in a way from end to end to get it to the carport. It fits perfectly where I put it and I have a work table in front of it that I use to spray bleach or paint or whatever. It's been so hot this past month that I haven't been out there much but this week has had a blast of rain and cooler temps so I've been venturing out again. Before I know it, it will be fall and then winter will set in again. It would be so nice to be somewhere that it was 70 degrees and less than 50% humidity all year .. haha .. a girl can dream can't she?


  1. we're shivering down here
    dreaming of lovely warm New Orleans
    instead of freezing south Oz
    in summer
    there may be grumbling about the dry heat
    Billy Connolly says there's no such thing as bad weather
    the wrong choice of clothes

  2. So true haha .. In winter I've found that the cashmere sweaters and wristlets really keep the warmth in the body best. I also lament the hardest cold as I have less than adequate heat. This is why I dream of medium weather haha .. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Dreamer, thank you for your great post over home. I will reply tomorrow (it's night time here now). I like the coffee grounds pic. (what lovely stains) and I am wondering if coffee grounds would work well on cloth. Put a handful wrapped in cloth into coffee bath? What do you think? Gilly

  4. Yes I have done this. Dyed recently some abandoned pairless white cotton socks but I also have been reading what I can of India's methods and added a square of rusted metal and some old hickory nut shells. I am way less patient then I I should be and couldn't wait long till i removed them from the dye bath. They came out a light grey. I will try this again with heat or leave them in a lot longer. I've noticed that coffee does stain white well so I know that it will work. Even if it's not heavily saturated I like the varigation of drying. Also I've noticed some different hues of brown depending on the coffee that I use.. haha .. anyway thanks so much for your lovely thoughts on my post. I always have alot to say. :) Tammy