Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm still around............

So it's been a while and I have continued to deviate from the abstract paintings. This is a bit abstract.

I enjoyed how this came together and it was after a bit of contemplation and frustration about what's next for me. I am repurposing found art here in the same way that I am attempting to repurpose my life. I make something beautiful or something that is visually satisfying to me from discarded items .. not trash necessarily, but from items that would probably not be put to any good use. Putting myself back together from the shards of what was or what could't be or what I wanted or wished or grieved or cried or wasn't. Going back to reclaim those things I need or never knew or thought I ever had. Seems apropos to write that the title of this piece is called "Finding Her".

It's difficult at times and now I'm even experiencing the physical manifestations of my fears or frustrations surrounding it. Sciatica .. aaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Even the sound of that word sounds sinister and wrong or negative. Perhaps its the seat of all my worries, fears and frustrations. It's a big ball of pain. It can be a relentlessly torturous kind of pain that no position of laying, sitting, standing or walking seems to relieve. I am grateful for the times that can get into a position of no pain. I worry that I will have this as I grow much older and more feeble I'm not sure I could withstand the effort to continue. I feel like I'm in a race against time to be more fit so I won't have this later. I hope I'll be able to keep creating in spite of it. Maybe it will show up as it has in the past .... in my work.

Thanks for stopping over always love to hear your comments even if you may have stopped looking. I haven't been as good lately in posting. I'm still here. Ciao


  1. Love your little spirit piece!
    Had a bad bout with sciatica in my thirties, swimming, ice and physio saved me. Hope you find some relief!!!!
    Keep on creating, Sister!

  2. Glad you're still here....welcome back. So sorry about your struggles with sciatica - it's not a fun thing, that's for sure. Take care of you!

  3. I have been wondering about you lately. Glad to see your post and your work. I see some feathers in there which I will always find as a kind of lifting up, or rising to another level, a transformation. So often our manifestations appear as physical if they are not tended to in time. I have had back pain among other things and swear by my daily yoga practice and meditation. Despite the health trend and focus on style and 'coolness' (ugh) it does so much to mend the mind, body and spirit. I hope you find your way to mend. Take care of you. xx