Saturday, September 6, 2014

I see you ... Day 30 of 100 faces in 100 days

Day Thirty!!!! Nearly a third of the way through this and I am beginning to see the evolution of what is happening. I am in some ways overwhelmed and I feel like it's finally ok to do what I'm doing. I can't really even explain what that means. Ha .ha.. it is what it is. It's Saturday so my sister is here .. already. I'm glad to be at least this far along today and I have a headache lol .. but it's ok.

I think it is in the connections , how we relate to each other in our experience and life. These are the things that tell us we are not alone that we too feel similar feelings and share thoughts. So .. today this portrait just seemed to say .. I see you. I see what's on your heart and sometimes I see what's on your mind.

I see you...

Thank you for all the support and for following me on this journey of self discovery and painting.
Today's portrait is $30. The size is approx. 8"x10" and is painted with acrylic on old letters, a calendar page and wrapping paper that was sewn. My mother saved everything. I'm putting it to good use. I think she would be pleased. Email me at if you would like to have this portrait looking at you. And have a fantastic day!! I'm off to be with my sister.. :) Hey and I always LOVE hearing your comments and thoughts about all of this!!!


  1. In this one I see the passage of time. It's in the glimpse of the calendar but also it shows in her eyes. Perhaps it's also a reference to the people who we connect with for fleeting moments in time - some to be forgotten and others to be remembered always.

    1. There is the passage of time .. the letter in this portrait is my handwriting. A letter I had written to my mother when she was living in Korea. I wrote in the letter that I wasn't supposed to say it, but I missed her. I was probably 24 years old and had two small children, I used to talk to her every day but since she lived so far away it was outrageously expensive to talk on the phone. I cried every day. so .. I'm glad I got over that. .. I do miss her. Thanks for stopping over Mary Anne.