Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Changes of life and beyond...and new creatures to photograph

 So many things have happened since my last post. If you follow my blog I did mention my mother I think ... if not she was struggling with illness for the last several years and last year it wore her down. She thankfully did not live long years with Alzheimer's. Her diagnosis may have come late but the progression was so rapid it was mind boggling. Truly, a most malicious and devastating way to leave the world. She died last October. It seems so recent and also so long ago. Sometimes I can't believe it. She loved the ocean, she loved the beach. I am now near the beach, gone from my mountains and walnuts which I sorely miss. The ocean does have a way of lulling my sadness and I am excited to start something new. The photos here were taken two days ago on a foggy morning walk on the beach. It was a magical morning. I love the softened sunrise. Peaceful. A cloak of privacy where you could see only so far and yet so close.
And there were feathers. Many many feathers. And many many birds. When I lived in the mountains I would see meetings of Turkeys. Below are Royal Terns. Their head feathers look tufted from the wind. I like to think they are having a meeting about the weather and the water and what's for breakfast. Then the meeting grew before they all flew away. I found a new past time, watching the birds at the beach. And .. a wonderful place for treasure hunting.

 The feet move swiftly to catch a sand crab or little fish. And somewhere in that sand below is a sand crab that I spied. He was watching me carefully and I was watching him. Where .. are you??? Aha .. gotcha .. just in my view. And then another blessing .. I am getting to spend time with my sister and her husband .. at the beach on a beautiful foggy morning.

Hopefully, you will see more of me and what I am creating in this new space. Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. So you moved?? I'm happy for you having the chance to explore new places. This is always good for the heart. My mother passed in Oct. as well, 5 years ago. I think it just always feels that way: so long passed and just yesterday. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
    Take care, Nancy

    1. Yes Nancy but not forever. I came back from spending all the time with my mother to find my house filled with mold. I had to leave. Last year was filled with so much loss, my dog, my house and my mom. I'm making the best of it. thanks for your condolence and sorry for your loss as well.

  2. love your photos of the sea Tammy, walking that edge where the water meets the sand is so good for the soul

  3. I feel all of this so truly. enjoy the sea. it can wash you.