Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Emptiness and Gratitude of Fall

I decided today to post here on my blog since it's been a while. I happened over to Jude Hill's blog Spiritcloth and felt led to add something new. Perhaps no one knows what people think in their heads .. i try to stay out of mine but often there is just too much in there ha ... and it's good (although at times scary) to have a place like this to put them. I still continue to find myself attracted to the little creatures that I run across on the property where I live. With this one there is a little story. I was out walking my dogs one morning and often I am looking where I am going and watching the dogs and just plodding along. This morning I guess I had my head down, it was cold and wind was brisk, my eyes were watering. As I walked a long I noticed this guy walking on the road. A long way away from water. My molly dog is mini dachshund and she is always finding something to get ahold of and for its fate I guess the little crustacean did not get seen by her. I'd say he was and she were lucky to have not run into each other as those pinchers there could really do some damage I'm afraid. So .. we walked past and I steered them clear on the way back home. I decided that this guy was so unusual to me that I would find my camera and go back to take some photos. So as you can see I did make it back and really searched for several minutes to find him. He stopped for a while and let me take some photos and when he realized that I posed no threat to him he continued his valiant effort to go somewhere. I know we have several streams that are nearby but he was far from any body of water. We had a few rainstorms during that previous few days but I didn't think we had any flowing streams by the road that would have somehow pushed him out into the expanse of this land. Nonetheless he was there .. in the middle of the road and i took several photos and just watched him going. I wanted to see where he was going and I knew that there was a stream up ahead. I think it may have taken hours to get there at the rate he was going and as the time passed he squeaked with every step. My lack of patience got the better of me and I decided to help him a long. With a piece of trash and a stick I carefully held him down and carefully walked him to the stream, which I am happy to say he is now in ... unless of course he decided to visit the neighbors up the road. And also you can see that the leaves have all gone now and there is little green left. Even the leaves on the ground have been crunched over and I have to hunt to find a whole leaf. I find myself more lonely with the grayness of these days.. so many gray days strung together, some rain and forced inside where the lights are low and the work is stifled with little room. But this day I was grateful to find this guy. I know he would have made it on his own. I didn't want to risk having a car drive over him. Silly ....i've grown attached to the creatures. More writing below. 


        I couldn't post about a crawdad with out wondering what it's showing up in my life now means. As with all things there is some lesson to learn here. Perhaps this seems odd but I take these events as wonderful gifts from the's nice to have a conversation with the earth. I have been busy creating. I did want to also share some of that. I have been enjoying the process of discovery that pushing through things gives me. Here are some things I've been doing. Mind you .. this is just some of it. Thanks as always for stopping over and having a look .. I've got so many more things to say .. it just takes time away from painting and playing and making art. :) Stop by again soon! 

 This is discharged on the back of a garment. On the right is the close up of the eye. I read in Jude's blog today that they are talking about eyes there. I love eyes and always have.

Below is another discharged painting on fabric. Sometimes I wonder if it is a waste to do these since they will continue to eat the fabric.....maybe then I can just look at them as temporary works of art. As you can see .. the eyes just seem to peer through you. Next to that is more discharge just using leaves as a stencil. I love botanical designs.

 Below is rust on colored fabric. I have made several of these that I am going to be using in a few projects. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combinations here. Did I tell you that I love these colors together????

More botanical and did you notice that the leaves sort of resemble feathers????  and another painting on fabric. I guess as I continue I care less and less about what someone would think .. and even though you may think that is not something you would do .. meaning that you do care .. i mean this in a way that .. for me .. if I decide that I want to try something I say to myself .. why not? Just do it...who cares? THere is no wrong way really. Who decides what is right. And yes saying that reminds me that there has been much time in my life when I strived to do things, make art, create, do what I want to do but by the rules by what the teacher says to do ... maybe it's taken me all my life to just do what ever I like . ... seems silly but still true.
 and again with the eyes. I love to paint eyes. They seem to say so many things ...they look into your gut with out your even knowing. They see all that is hidden without telling. They say the truth .. and what you see is in you ......

 Another leaf that reminds me of a feather. and below the sunset that I witnessed with that fiery blood red sky ... the furnace of the earth ending another day ....illuminating the sky with brillance. Such a lovely sunset. Such a lovely day. I miss the summer.


  1. glad to see a post from you Tammy. it's been a while. you are brave to have helped that little creature. just love seeing the work you do. those eyes are amazing and i, too, love that color with rust combination--so powerful. not sure where you live, but we here in texas are happy to say goodbye to summer. we had terrible fires due to an ongoing drought. we have been lucky the past few days to be getting some rain. i enjoy reading about what you're doing and also what you are thinking. it is good to do what you enjoy.

  2. Tammy, yes you have been away and i for one have really missed wandering through your lovely images. The are so composed without being academic - in other words, they seem true to the nature that you so dearly respect. I have to echo the words of deanna...your eyes do full the viewer in...I'm not sure that I'd really want to be alone with them, they seem a little sinister...but strong. your colors always are stunning and though you have been away, you have been busy.

  3. Tammy, how nice to see you and your work again, for it has been a while. It seems like each post has a critter and it is so fun to see them through your eyes. And speaking of eyes, I love the depth you've created in yours. Beautiful post. Thank you.

  4. i love best his legs. how, when
    he really needs to GO, he rises
    a little.....
    i remember from my childhood, that's how they do it.
    your photography of your world i
    always just love.

    GREAT textiles!!!

    i have checked now and then. good
    to see you here.......

  5. i was wondering about using discharge for eyes, thanks for the images.

  6. what a beautiful word picture of your crawdaddy encounter, these are the kinda things that make life magic and worthwhile, thank you!
    & a technical question re the discharge continuing to eat into the fabric.... you're using bleach? wouldn't there be a chemical that would neutralize the discharging process at the point you want to arrest it?

  7. I love the crawdaddy story. I too would have helped it along its way. Your discharge pieces are spectacular. I am entranced by the eyes. I also love the turquoise and rust. Such a wonderful combo.

  8. I haven't tried it yet but I read there's a product that you can buy in aquarium supply stores that might be helpful. It's put into fish tanks before you put the fish in and it neutralizes or removes the chlorine in the water. Used with bleached cloth it's supposed to stop the action of the bleach eating up your cloth.

  9. All so beautiful! I've read that there are chemicals that will stop the bleach from continuing to "eat" the fabric too.

  10. Glad to hear from you again. And, after looking at your crawdad images, the first thing I saw when I looked at the rusted piece was a curled up crayfish! I looked away, and then looked back, and...Yep. He's still there. Does anyone else see him?