Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the Wee Hours ...

I had planned on blogging about my experience outside today which involved the creek only to discover that all of the photos that I took and thought I'd saved in a folder ... didn't happen... i just kept saving every new photo as the same thing I guess ... either way it was an hour of work in edits that are lost .. atleast i still have the photos so I just have to take the time to re-edit them .. sheeeeeeshhhh.... I sure don't want to make that mistake again .. So I will post the bug that I photographed at the end of my creek experience. I found this piece of wood lying on the ground with all this wonderfully textural lichen/moss/fungus growing on it .. decomposing... with this kewl looking centiped and since it was the last photo that I edited it got saved on my desktop .. so I thought i'd share it with you .. and I have a few shots of my purse. But isnt he a kewl looking peachy beige shaded bug?? I love looking at all his legs!!!

And here is that hippiesh purse I mentioned. After taking photos of it it doesnt seem to hold the pizazz that I thought it did so .. it sorta looks like a mess ... I still have lots more stitching to do on this but I couldnt wait to carry it around with me. maybe just reliving my teen years... when i loved to carry funky purses .. Let me know what you think!!! all recycled fabrics here .. :)

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  1. that centipede is magnificent--all those little legs--can't imagine. and your purse is wonderful. keep us posted with the additional stitching. i know what you mean about losing pizazz in a photo. i always feel that way.