Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mind Mining

Well can't give you a good reason why I just can't seem to get here every single day. I certainly have the time. There is just this part of me that wants to pour the words in here and just say whats on my brain but .. then you can't take it back. I don't think it matters that much but mining my mind can sometimes dig up some pretty strange things, thoughts, ideas or words. I am always wanting to share my feelings but then I guess in some ways it's like sharing paintings or sewings or writings .. you can either comment or not. I think I just want to say the words so they'll leave my mind mining less cluttered or messy from all the feelings that seem to want to stick to the inside of my heart. Maybe thats it .. just obscure the thoughts or feelings in really silly rhymes or just paint them or shoot them with a camera. Maybe some day I'll just figure it out and let it be what it needs to be.

I can't seem to pin down one single theme of work. I struggle with this notion that I should focus on one or maybe even just two different things to create as an artist. I love to paint different subject matter or with different mediums. I enjoy doing things with cloth and texture and discharge and dye. Sewing and stitching and writing stories.

I sometimes really just get out of the box in my former mindset and do some things that I would have never done. So here is a painting that I did on the top of some discharged fabric. This really excited me because I can't seem to stop looking at it. I never know why these things occur or if they are just my very own personal fascination with texture and the way that I can use paint. I am thinking a series of these would be very interesting.

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  1. I really love looking at this. I find the organic quality very interesting and in some way it is soothing to me. I think an entire sofa would be so cool done in this style, and yes, you abosolutely should do a series.