Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Monday

 Just a bit of the process. I boiled the walnuts for about an hour in a large pot with about 40-50 walnuts. I put the entire contents of the pot onto the wrapped tied canvas. Left it for about three days. Now for the unwrapping!! My favorite part. I am totally addicted to this rich brown color. The heavy canvas while it is wet with the stain has an almost leather texture to it. I get so excited when I unfold the wrapping to see the images. I can't tell you how much I love to see the way that the color seeps into the folds of the fabric and how it changes. I could do this all day!! Makes me want to create a dozen wraps at the beginning of each week and have an unveiling at the end of each week.

 I'm moved by the feeling that this evokes in me. I don't always understand it but I love it!! This is wet.

 This is the part enamel part iron grid that I used for this wrap. It's very heavy.
Below this photo is the final look of the fabric after it has dried. I love the folds in the fabric.. it makes me think of a quilt with folded blocks instead of stitched blocks. The dried rusted pattern in the center is interesting to look at.

 In the center is the dried cloth other side.. also interesting to view. I think the rust wins as the front I will use though.


  1. I do really love your walnut piece and can completely understand your wanting to unwrap these pieces.
    A friend of mine makes a bundle each day so she has herself a present each day.

  2. Hi there Dreamer - loved reading this. I agree with you that the rust side wins. What will you do with it next? Gilly

  3. oh what beautiful results. i think i was as excited to see your results as you are when you unveil them. love the mystery as to what will happen in those treasure bundles...

  4. Dreamer, this is great! Love the grid in the middle. I can agree about the anticipation when unwrapping a very exciting. I'm going to take my blanket out of its third dunking this morning......Sue McB

  5. fabulous results, the mystery of unwrapping is very exciting...k.

  6. Martine, it is like opening a present.. i love it!!
    Gilly, not sure yet what I will do with this. I am trying not to be afraid of trying anything. Sometimes I wonder if I should just let it be or continue .. so there is a small fear there.
    It is a mystery still yet to be revealed Deanna
    Sue.. will you post the results?
    Kaite, thanks .. I appreciate the comments.
    Now going off to look at all of your blogs.. my inspiration!

  7. Hello, this piece is gorgeous. well done.
    Love the story too.. will have to get my thinking cap on.