Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost Friday night

Ok it's Thursday night and early July. It's been a while since I've posted here and I really thought the next time I posted I'd have put up my tshirts on etsy but no ... i haven't yet. This is just an illustration that expressed some feelings I was having that day. I had written a long post about it but it was so dismal I am editing it today. Just as in this little illustration the girl is crying and has tissues and golashes haha and when I see that I think .. atleast when the crying is over I can run and jump in the puddles with my golashes lol!!!  That I love to do. I actually have a pair and if you can imagine me wearing a pair of jean shorts and a tank top with these big white rubber boots walking behind a mower that was me this week!!! haha .. THAT was so much fun!!! So I'm glad that I can go back and edit things that I say. Too bad we can't do that in real life .. edit our words after the fact. Edit our life. I'm going to edit my life today!!! :)

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